GRAB over A&O TWIN GIFTPACK ORIGINAL Coconut Nectar today, Nira Kelapa Premium, Halal, Non-Alcoholic Beverage. (330ML/600g X 2)


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GRAB over A&O Coconut Nectar today, Nira Kelapa Premium, Halal, Non-Alcoholic Beverage. (330ML/600g)

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GRAB over the LIMITED EDITION GRAB over ORIGINAL TASTE TWIN GIFTPACK A&O Coconut Nectar today, Nira Kelapa Premium, Halal, Non-Alcoholic Beverage. (330ML/600g X 2) today, or so call as Nira Kelapa in a Premium pakaging, and also certified Halal, with Non-Alcoholic Beverage label. Drink and taste the different of our premium choice in the market for you in Penang.

Coconut Nectar is a Traditional East Coast Malay Drink. Seldom found in other areas due to its scarcity and sensitive storage needs. The exquisite taste of pure organic coconut nectar sweetness will take you back to the serene countryside taste of Kelantan. Our mission is to take you there, by reviving this unique traditional taste with our very own, A&O Coconut Nectar.

A&O Coconut Nectar is a premium non-alcoholic sparkling coconut nectar drink, derived from the inflorescence of the coconut tree. As the inflorescence appears, the flower bud is binded and the tip sliced to allow dripping of the blossom nectar, potent with natural goodness. The extracted organic nectar is then collected and formulated into this precious beverage.

Fresh coconut nectar extraction is generally performed before sunrise. This is because of it’s high susceptibility to natural fermentation at ambient temperatures within a few hours of extraction. Traditionally, the extracted nectar was enjoyed fresh within the day. As technology advances, the extracted coconut nectar could be chilled and stored at refrigerated conditions to slow down the fermentation process and prolong the shelf life. This is crucial as the natural fermentation process would lead to the formation of alcohol, turning the rich coconut nectar into coconut wine. Thankfully, we manage to suppress the fermentation process even at room temperature. Years of intensive research has bear its sweet fruit, allowing us to expand it shelf life to more than one year and made them available on market.

Traditionally, Kelantanese drinks coconut nectar after a hard day’s work. It was a delicious reward and was widely used to cool, refresh, and replenish the body. It is claimed to lead to all sorts of benefits and they believe so based on their own observation.

Well, they’re not wrong. Science have actually confirmed the nutritional value and supported the claims of it having amazing health beneficial properties.

Nature has made nutritive products in such a way that it cannot be manufactured in laboratories. Coconut nectar is a highly nutritious extract of the mature coconut palms rich with all essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. It is rich in carbohydrates, Glutamic Acid, Inositol, and Vitamin B1, B3, and B6. Inositol is good for the nervous system whereas Glutamic Acid is considered food for brain.

Coconut nectar is safe and perhaps the best drink for persons suffering from diabetes. It’s a diabetic friendly drink due to its low glycemic load / glycemic index (GI). The sweetness of coconut nectar can be enjoyed without causing spikes in blood sugar level. The amazingly low GI of coconut nectar is indirectly helpful in preventing many lifestyle diseases.

White Sugar GI is at 70, Natural Honey GI is at 55, but Coconut Nectar GI is only at 35.

Comparatively, you can drink A&O Coconut Nectar without guilt

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